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Flooring Installation Bloomfield

PVC Flooring vs. Vinyl Flooring - Who's the Winner?

August 21 2016, 11:17am

Posted by Ernest Rubber

flooring installation bloomfieldOne of the most common questions that buyers looking for flooring installation Bloomfield ask is whether to go for PVC flooring or vinyl flooring. In order to explain this question, one has to first understand the difference between PVC flooring and vinyl flooring. The fact of the matter is that PVC flooring is a type of vinyl flooring, and if a professional mentions vinyl flooring, they could very well be speaking about PVC flooring as well.

Why the Confusion?

PVC is vinyl flooring, but it's a lot easier to say vinyl flooring than polyvinylchloride flooring. For one, the first description is a lot simpler. PVC flooring is a high quality of flooring that can withstand a lot of abuse and can fit into almost any situation. It’s easy to clean and can support a lot of weight. The plastic nature of the PVC makes it a durable, hard surface that may last for quite a long time.

How Else is PVC Used?

flooring installation bloomfieldPVC, while being a major part of vinyl flooring, has its fingers in a lot of other pies. PVC is also found in things like pipes and other plumbing fittings because of its propensity to resist corrosion. It is also a component in many types of electrical cable because of its insulation properties. Because of its versatility and ease to work with, it has been used in the production of various signs for companies and to announce services.

Versatility in Flooring

The reason why vinyl flooring has retained its popularity into the current age is because of its ability to adapt. It can be printed with a number of different patterns and colors, which allows it to be used in a variety of situations and locations. There is a vinyl flooring solution that can suit any room decor. This, combined with its relatively low cost per square foot, makes it a very good alternative for people looking for cheaper flooring options.

flooring installation bloomfield

Vinyl Flooring in Construction

flooring installation bloomfieldEven today, many people still use vinyl flooring, covering rooms all over the country. The widespread use of vinyl comes from the fact that it is lightweight, easy to work with, and comes in a variety of shades and colors so that it can be used in interior decorating without demanding too much monetary investment. The only way PVC flooring will fall out of vogue is if a cheaper, more efficient material enters the scene to replace it, and that does not seem likely at present.

Choosing Vinyl over Other Flooring

Hardwood floors can be expensive and, once set down, have to stay where they are. Granite flooring is hard to maneuver and needs constant maintenance. Vinyl fits into that niche spot where an owner can manage the cost of the installation as well as its mobility. It's mainly because of these things that vinyl has become such a widespread phenomenon in flooring. Low cost and versatility combined with easy maneuverability make for a very desirable flooring material.

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